Codes in Genshin Impact


In the game Genshin Impact, you may have noticed symbols from time to time. These codes are a way of unlocking hidden items and abilities. But what do they mean?

In this article, I'll go over how to decode these symbols and find out their meaning!

What is Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a 3D shooter game with the theme of Kung Fu. The player has to fight evil ninjas who have invaded his temple by shooting them. There are two modes of play: Arcade, which is a timed mode where the player must shoot as many ninjas as he can before he runs out of time, and Endless, which is a no-time mode where the player shoots ninjas endlessly without interruption.

How to play

To play the game, you use the left joystick to move and the right joystick to shoot. The A button is used to jump, and the B button is used to dash.

To play Genshin Impact on an Apple device, you use the arrow keys and space bar. To play on an Android device, you use the touchscreen and directional pad.

The player can buy items in between levels that give him more abilities. This includes better weapons like a sword or crossbow, increased health, increased speed, etc.

The player can also buy items that help him in his next level. These are usually money bags which give you double or triple the normal amount of money when picked up. Sometimes they're powerups that increase your attack strength for a certain number of kills.

Codes in the game

Different codes have different meanings depending on the context.

-8bit8bit8bit8bit8bit8bit8bi t - If you go to the pause menu, this symbol will be at the top left. It means that there are other players in the same level as you are.

-4s6x22x24x137x137x27x2 4 - The number of points needed for a safe section. This indicates how many points are needed before an enemy ninja stops attacking you so that you can try to do other things.

-4622213819 - This code is actually spelled out as "Noiz" which is one of the final boss's names found in Genshin Impact. This code gives you a level trial where you fight the boss and your moves won't be reset when he teleports around.

-2x624662632 - This means that there is an extra life hidden in this level. You can find it by looking for an exploding ninja which doesn't attack you.

How to redeem a code in genshin impact

Now that you know how to decode the codes in Genshin Impact, you might have some questions about redeeming them. To redeem a code, just open up your inventory on the pause menu. Then press the square button to select the unlock option and then move over to the code you want to play or use and press it to confirm.

You'll be able to use any unlocked features as soon as you've confirmed your selection.

Codes in Genshin Impact can be found all throughout the game. They're used to unlock items, abilities and secrets-but what do they stand for? As it turns out, there's an entire alphabet of symbols that can be decoded to find out!  While these codes may seem like random nonsense at first glance, when you know how to decode them you'll start noticing patterns across different levels. Codes are a great way to get more from your experience with this Kung Fu 3D shooter--and we hope our article has helped clear up any confusion about their meaning! If you want help unlocking new features without having to spend money or time grinding coins for powerups, let us know. Our team is here ready and waiting with some exclusive Genshin Impact cheats to unlock these codes and much more.

Thank you very much for reading! I hope this article was helpful. :)


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